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  • Alyssa Walthall

    “Belly Wish catered our wedding and made out of this world amazing brisket and chicken tacos!! Their queso and creamy jalapeño sauce were the best I have ever had! ALL our guests could not stop raving about the food!!! They are great to work with and serve AMAZING food!! Highly recommend!!!"

    Alyssa Walthall
  • Caitlin Crockett

    “We are so excited to have Belly Wish cater my sister's wedding. She has been dreaming about having breakfast for dinner at her wedding, and they are making her wishes come true! They just came out to our house for our family to taste their creations, and they definitely exceeded our expectations. First of all, we were so impressed that they took the time to come to our home and make sure that all of the items were exactly as Carly and Matt were imagining, and were constantly asking for any suggestions and critiques. They created the perfect spread of breakfast food and added special touches that are going to be the icing on the cake for her special day. Thank you, Belly Wish! We can't wait for all of our family and friends to experience the magic of Belly Wish at the wedding in April!”

    Caitlin Crockett
  • Amanda Ware
    “Belly Wish is AMAZING! Chad and Kelly worked with us to create the most memorable and delicious meal for our wedding! We did not want the typical wedding food, and Belly Wish exceeded the expectations. Fresh fried shrimp, boudin balls, cheese grits, gouda smoked mac and cheese with pulled pork (just to name a few!) all were served. The food is something that our guests are still talking about!”
    Amanda Ware

What makes Belly Wish Different?

We cater events in the Greater Houston area, Brookshire, Pattison and Katy.

Most caterers offer set-in-stone menu options and cookie-cutter catering services. At Belly Wish, we take the time to get to know you and your vision for your special event. You want to create an event that is unique and memorable in every way, and our desire is to make that a reality.

Belly Wish has helped many companies impress at their events, and they’ve made weddings more memorable and enjoyable with their exceptional custom approach to catering. To match the high-end restaurant-quality food, is the dedication to detail in the service and presentation of every meal.

Belly Wish is catering as it was meant to be. Each event is unique and each menu is built specifically for each client. Once you experience the Belly Wish difference, you’ll never look at catering the same way again.

Most caterers offer set-in-stone menu options and cookie-cutter catering services. At Belly Wish, we take the time to get to know you and your vision for your special event. You want to create an event that is unique and memorable in every way, and our desire is to make that a reality.

When someone follows their passion, it shows. Chad and Kelly of Belly Wish have a unique background that covers everything from business to wine crafting, to exceptional culinary training. They don’t see food preparation and design as just a science, but an art. They make each catering event a masterpiece, unique to the customer and memorable for everyone who experiences it.

Our Commitment

What’s my investment?

What kind of experience do you want your guests to have? How do you want your event to be remembered? How much would a poorly catered event negatively affect people’s experience with you? A cookie-cutter catering service can make your event forgettable or even regrettable. At Belly Wish, we make food that makes your event special. You and your guests will be glad you invested in a one-of-a-kind catering experience.

Do you want to make your company events memorable and special? Do you want to wow your clients and show your appreciation in a special way to your employees? If so, then consider custom-menu catering to your special event or company meal.

Catering is a great addition to client meetings, employee appreciation events, office parties, and more.

Celebrate your family and friends in a special way with restaurant quality catering at your event. Food is a love language all its own. Instead of just ordering bulk-made food and cookie cutter meals, add a special touch with a one-of-a-kind catering experience that shows someone how much your care.

These special events include birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, private dinners, and more.

Your wedding is perhaps the most memorable event of your life. With custom menus for each wedding, we’ll make sure the food highlights how special your wedding day really is. We’ll bring the restaurant to your wedding and make sure every guest is wowed with the best food they’ve ever had at a wedding. And best of all, it will be the food that you specifically chose to match your special day.

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We cater events in the Greater Houston area, Brookshire, Pattison and Katy.

How much are you wanting to spend per person?
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Frequently Asked Questions

1How is your food better than others?
We use fresh, local ingredients and premium grades of beef to ensure our high standard of quality for a very competitive price. We also have the ability to cook on-site to ensure we deliver food hot and fresh! We bring the restaurant experience to you and your guests while most use the cook and hold method! While the cook and hold method can be effective, it can also lead to food of a subpar quality (ie dry meat or banquet food as we like to call it). We encourage you to taste before you sign a contract.
2Do you offer private tastings to potential clients?
Yes, we do! Our tastings are a little unique. We cook, deliver, and serve your custom menu to you and up to 4 additional guests. Our tastings are really a private dinner showing you exactly what you can expect at your event. During the tasting, we encourage clients to provide feedback so that we can adjust seasonings, etc for your event. We do charge $200 for our tastings, while that may seem like a steep price, we have never lost a client after a private tasting. You are paying for quality that can’t be matched!
3How much should I allow for food in my budget?
This is a hard question to answer. More times than we can count, couples book their venue first without considering their overall budget leaving very little to cover food costs. You know that saying “You get what you pay for”….this really applies here. We highly encourage couples to create an overall budget for your event before booking your venue to ensure you have an adequate amount to cover food costs. We also encourage couples to understand what venues include in their rental, some include china, tables, chairs, linen. Some do not, which definitely translates to more costs incurred by clients.
4What does a Caterer do other than cook?
In our experience, guests remember your event by the impression left from the food served and service provided. We pay attention to the details. We walk the venue and have a meeting with the venue owner or coordinator to discuss each event. We also take the time to map out the flow of each event to ensure that guests are fed in a timely, efficient manner. We also hire staff to not only serve guests but to make sure all tables are bussed in a timely manner. When we cater an event, we not only serve food but ensure that your event goes off without a hitch so you can get back to the important things.
5I found a Caterer that is cheaper, Why should I book with you?

We are so glad you asked!

We get emails requesting quotes and asking “how much?” all the time. We believe that this question is way too simple. We need to understand the details for your event so that we can give you a firm quote that will not change by much should you end up with more guests than expected. Too many times, we see and hear of others adding hidden fees once the contract is signed.

We do not believe in hidden fees.

Everything is included in our up-front quotes that you need to create a memorable event for you and your guests. Discounting our pricing would ultimately result in either discounting our food quality or our service. Neither is an option for us at Belly Wish. We pride ourselves on Quality over Quantity!

6How much does the average Caterer charge?
We get this question a lot. This is a loaded question because it depends on the quality of food served and the level of service provided both before, during, and after your event! Price comparison is extremely hard to do because cooking is an art and no two companies are exactly the same. We have seen catering prices as low as $10/per person and some as high as $50+/per person. We price our food and service on the quality we offer. We present all expenses as a no-nonsense upfront cost that is dependent on crowd size, meal options, and other factors. Our prices start at $30/per person and go from there.
7What is included with our service?
Belly wish can provide as little or as much as needed to serve your guests. All food items are served from chafing dishes provided by us. If your venue does not provide plates, linens, flatware, and glasses; we are happy to include this and the additional labor charge to rinse and crate the rentals so that they are ready for pick up the night of your event. Belly Wish will have on-site staff dedicated to setting up, serving, and assisting with the bussing of guest tables.
8What does your staff wear?
Our staff wears a black button-up shirt with black pants. We will also wear gloves and face masks during dinner service during the COVID pandemic.
9When is the final guest count and payment due?
After signing our contract, our team will contact you 14 days prior to your event to finalize your menu, event timeline, and guest count. At this time, any necessary adjustment will be made and a final invoice will be sent. Final payment is due in full 14 days prior to your event. Should you decide to pay by card, please note there is a 4% additional processing charge.
10Is my deposit refundable if I decide to cancel my event?
Cancellation occurring 120 days or more before an event will result in forfeiture of $1,250. Cancellations less than 120 days before an event will result in total forfeiture of deposit.
11Can we take leftover food at the end of the event?
We will provide enough food to serve the number of guests based on your final guest count. Belly Wish will provide a take-home container for the Bride and Groom. Any additional leftover food will be discarded at the end of the evening.

We bring the restaurant to you

We aren’t your typical food truck. We bring a restaurant-quality culinary experience to you. Whatever style you love the most, we can create the perfect menu and make your special event even more memorable.

Restaurant-quality food to wow you and your guests
Custom designed menu to make your event truly unique and memorable

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